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Can a Denver Web Design Company Help You?

responsive-web-design-25There are lots of great websites and web design resources out there. But here’s a nice selection of cool web information for you to ponder. If you like to learn tricks or get inspiration about design or learn the basics of what to do when designing a website Smashing Magazine’s one is a pretty cool place to check out. They have a nice site with tons of helpful resources both free and the paid variety. You can learn stuff about Photoshop, mobile web development, coding for css, html and other valuable resources are available too. They have a pretty nice and affordable “elibrary” which is a great way to improve your web skills, and to remain current in rapidly changing technology realm of content delivery and marketing. They even have a jobs board which can be good for freelancers. Having a good Denver web design company is critical though, no matter how much insight you have into the creative realm. Another site that’s fun to look at is Cool Homepages. This site has been around for years and years and is always fun to look at what’s going on in the world of new designs. Some of the website design concepts are not all that great but there are a lot of good things to see and get some inspiration from. I’ve noticed that some web designers miss the point placing function first when designing a website. They get lost in their design. Sort of a .. hey, look what I can do. Somethings the amazing things a clever web developer can do are so clever they outsmart the user. Leaving the user with a very confusing interface that might be fancy to build but hard to deal with. This means the client loses money. I think the basics should come first. Make the site useable and easy to find information etc. Then the design should be attractive. If you can put in a few bells and whistles that’s fine as long as they don’t detract from the purpose and utility of the website. Because if you think your design matters more than your client’s success…you’ve got it wrong. It might worth mentioning a few quick tips when you’re ready to build a website.

  • Hire a web design firm that has years of experience and understands a lot about marketing. They can help you more than you realize. If you try to get a cheap website from Godaddy or any of those other web hosting companies you are making a huge mistake. On the web and in life – you usually get what you pay for. If your website costs you nothing you’ll get nothing or much worse. Just don’t waste your time with junk like that.
  • Put some real time into your messaging. Figure out how to concisely tell your website visitors what you are offering and how you can help them. The most effective sites feature clear, concise, text messages using just a few words. Do not put long paragraphs on your homepage. No one will read that. Your homepage is a gateway into your site. Use short messaging that gets to the point.
  • Try to keep your website updated. Tell the world about new stuff you’re up to. Don’t have your news page show the last news item dated 3 years ago. I’ve seen that too many times. It’s lame.
  • Yes, social media like Facebook can be good. Even though much of social media is just people wasting their times playing games like Farmville. For some companies social media is very valuable.
  • As I mentioned earlier, keep your website navigation simple and easy to understand.
  • Make sure your website is using new responsive technology that adapts to mobile phones. There are still tons of older sites that look terrible on mobile phones.
  • Get a backup of your site. If you’re changing content a lot then get frequent backups.
  • Try to keep your website safe from the bad guys out there. Use more complex passwords and even change those from time to time.
  • Do search engine optimization. If you’re not an expert than hire someone who knows SEO. If you want to spend years and tons of time learning about it good luck. But your time and money is probably better spent hiring a professional SEO talent.

That’s enough for now. Have a great day and remember to ponder all this over a cup of coffee.

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